If the licensing could be obtained for DC Comics, I think that would be pretty much at the top. The suggestion of a rock music themed pack or packs that would include Queen, Beatles, WHO, Rolling Stones would be way cool. 60s TV shows like Batman with their campy jokes and villains would be awesome, Bewitched, etc. A 50s/60s Superman pinball from the TV show and as you advance, the table would go from black and white to color as you advance. Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi Movies: Independence Day (the original), the Original Predator Movie with Schwarzenegger, Inception, Interstellar, James Bond (Sean Connery).

Sports: NFL & NBA.

Right now I'd be happy if ZEN could keep up with the new releases for Star Wars (Last Jedi), and Marvel (Black Panther).

Remember, you took a lot of pinballs away from us with the release of FX3 for those of us who had South Park, etc. So you owe us replacements.

Crank them out and I will certainly buy them. I own all tables as currently available on FX3.


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I always enjoy reading people’s requests (even – and especially – when they differ from mine). Since I see table requests everywhere (social media, Steam, livestreams, etc) but there isn’t a dedicated thread for that in the new Pinball FX3 subsection of the forums, I figured it’d be okay if I went ahead and did it. So please, feel free to post yours!