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Thread: Will Zen Pinball 2 be de-listed from PSN?

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    Default Will Zen Pinball 2 be de-listed from PSN?

    So, will you be delisting ZP2 from PSN like ZP1 was? If so, is there a date for this to occur? Some of us like to have full collections of all the tables for various reasons. Will there still be both a ps3 and ps4 version? I understand there will be no new content in these versions, and all new tables will be in PFX3, but how long will these versions (ZP2 for both ps3 and ps4) remain in the ps store for purchase of the older tables?

    While I'm at it, might as well ask how long the multiplayer and leaderboards for the Star Wars Standalone version will remain open? There are trophy achievements tied to multiplayer and the leaderboards that will become unobtainable if and when they shut down.
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