A couple of idle thoughts from an old traditionalist, about the Classic mode.

I understand it having its own high score table (thank goodness!) but wonder why, if my score in Classic mode is better than that in 'normal' single-player-with-power-ups-and-stuff, it doesn't also update my 'normal' high score at the same time. Is there any scenario in which playing in classic mode could offer me one second more play or one point more than if I had played in normal mode? (I haven't played enough to see if any of the power ups actually affect physics.) If not, how about it?

Playing in classic mode doesn't contribute to unlocking power ups, even though you might be doing the same stuff - travelling, hitting bumpers, activaing ball saves and so on. Why not? I'd appreciate the pop-ups not appearing (or being much reduced in significance) but I still get 'XP' so why not the other things?

Neither is a big deal, merely a suggestion that I think would be an improvement.