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Thread: Pinbal FX 3 Cab Offline ?

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    Question Pinbal FX 3 Cab Offline ?


    because i can Play FX 2 offline in my Cab ( i don't want always to jump over my LAN cable ),
    WHY is it not possible with FX 3 ?

    I have to be online - always ??

    Come on ... this can't be true ?


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    Remove your cable.

    Make sure you switch to offline mode in your steam settings.

    FX3 isnt as clean as FX2 but, it will say connecting, then a screen will pop up, just cancel out and you can continue on.

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    I loaded the latest FX 3 Update, ended Steam, removed Cable ... and dissabled LAN Adapter on my selfmade Cab, turned off Computers.
    Because i have to be offline - otherwise my Cable crossed through my full Livingroom.

    Turned on, Start Steam, Offline (no Physical Cable on Machine, haven't WLAN on this) ... then Start FX 3 ... nothing, just DT View ...

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    ok it works now, thanks.
    Whatever, i did 2 System Reboot, Start/End that Stuff, and it's ok now.

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    Would be nice, if FX 3 don't try to connect , if Steam / Machine is in OFFLINE Mode.

    Atm. it is bad, if i start a Table over "Pinball X" and have to Click "Abort" once ...

    Thanks in advance !

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