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Thread: Han Solo glitch? Can't lock ball into Death Star

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    Default Han Solo glitch? Can't lock ball into Death Star

    Ever since the patch I haven't been able to lock a ball into the Death Star.
    The ball just bounces off.
    Has this happened to anyone else?
    Xbox One version, not sure about any others.
    This is my favorite table and I know sometimes this shot can be difficult, but I think I can tell the difference. I've played 3 different games and even if you're not shooting for this shot eventually you can lock a ball there just in random play. Not now, at least not for me.
    Anyone else?
    It's really annoying that I can no longer get to the wizard mode on this table so I can get a better score.
    This is the only way I know to post a video of this. Hope you can watch this:
    The first shot and at least 1 of the last 2 should have locked the ball.
    Tried restarting xbox and a hard close of the console.

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    Submitted the bug, hopefully it can be fixed with the rest of the table errors.

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