I was in contact with Zen Studios the day after the game release on PS4.
Pre-ordered it and downloaded it as soon as it was released.
Tried it out and was hugely dissapointed in the state of the game.

You guys actualy said that you took my points to heart and as I understood it would "sort things out"

But nothing have been done.
How can it be that a company known for Theire Pinball games of quality,don't seem to be able to sort out theire own Minigolf creation.

I warned that the game would be dead for online play quickly.
And seem like I was right,considering the forum posts about peple not being able to find anyone to play against.

It just baffle me that you make a game that LOOKS great but plays like shit...
Why bother ??

It don't benefit you regarding income or us as your customers....