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Thread: Upcoming Table Suggestions

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    Default Upcoming Table Suggestions

    I love to see a horror theme collection of tables (Dracula/Frankenstein/Mummy) or (Freddy/Jason/Myers/etc.) for upcoming tables to play. What would you all like to see as a future tables/collections??

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    Classic horror would be cool. Bunch of suggestions in this thread...
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    One of the top ones I want at the moment, is a Life is Strange table. Wouldn't be super easy to make, but if they can turn a Telltale game into a table, I'm sure they could manage Life is Strange. Especially with all the different settings and events that take place.

    I'd also love to see a Rayman table. And a Jet Set Radio Future table.

    I'm also hoping for more original tables for their "Zen Collection" section. I saw the little bit of the new circus looking table and it looks great. I'd also like to see a general zombie themed table, and a Pirate table. Maybe a Ninja themed table too. Maybe some tables similar to the old Jaki Crush type tables too. And of course, music themed tables.

    And lastly, I'd like to see them remake their original Pinball FX 1 tables for FX3, especially "Extreme".
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    a Led Zep or Hendrix Table would be nice,and with the Universal Licence iwould love too see a psycho table.

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    Given the Spielberg tables already there (ET, JAWS), I would think a Ready Player One table to coincide with the movie next year would be perfect for Zen's style of virtual pinball!

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    Definitely need to get a pixar license. So many amazing movies that would be great for pinball.

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    Thunderbirds 1960's version. Not 2004 film or recent 2015 cartoon rehash.

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