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Thread: Im on ps4 and been playing since day 1 and never saw this before

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    Default Im on ps4 and been playing since day 1 and never saw this before

    Not even sure how it triggered.
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    Yeah, it's for when you're playing the Single-Player or Hotseat modes you can scroll through the different leaderboards with the Right Stick and see Local Highscores or Local Highscores-Classic. You can also reset the scores on those leaderboards by pressing Square on PS4. I guess that way if there are lots of people playing on the same profile you can track high scores for each table between all of you.
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    Strange in single player mode I almost exclusively play in classic mode and never saw this until my post.

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    This is something that was missing in all games, and was fixed with patches on windows 10 and xbox one, (local high scores working properly in all modes) and it was working on ps4. I imagine this is related to the recent patch on oct 6 for the game, glad to hear it has fixed this for ps4 users!

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    Yup! Local highscores have been put in the game with the updates, but instead of the old dot-matrix method, you can put in any name now with your system keyboard.

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