So what's going on?

Has there been one patch? Where's the new tables etc. I know it's a business and I guess we should assume pinball VR is not selling enough?

What about a PS4 Pro update like other companies that support their software are doing?

I bought the game full price months ago, was waiting for a sale, for the overpriced in canada, season 1. It's now on sale but I don't think I'll buy anyway because Zen seems to have dropped or ignored VR to the point where I don't want to spend another dollar. (I've bought alot of tables on 360, then bought them again on steam, didn't mind purchasing a 3rd time for psvr but now I'm kinda pissed)

So no more. No fx3 new tables. And I won't buy the season pass until i see support for VR. Support your games and I'll support you.

Mini rant over. Thanks.