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Thread: Can't download pinball fx2 on new xbox one s

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    Default Can't download pinball fx2 on new xbox one s


    I owned pinball fx2 on xbox 360 along with a few extra tables some of which are not available anymore in pinball fx3, for some reason i can not download pinball fx2 to my new xbox one s. I had bought the xbox one after the release of pinball fx3. I can't find it in the xbox one store but i did find it in the store online however it says unavailable so i have no way to download pinball fx2 to my xbox one s even though i can download the addon tables without a problem just not the game itselve. Did pinball fx2 got removed for people who did not own it yet due to the pinball fx3 release ?

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    Can you download it from download history?
    I've gotten several games that were delisted from download history. I think it's in your profile under settings. Something like that.
    Wait Here it is.
    If you have the new dashboard, click your gamer tag at the top left. If should slide over from the left of the screenScroll over to system and click settings.
    Account is at the top, click that and under Payment and billing is order history.
    Most times you can redownload from there.
    You'll have to go back to the time you got it which is a while ago I imagine.

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