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Thread: What is the interoperabilty between the various titles?

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    Default What is the interoperabilty between the various titles?

    So I have a "Zen Pinball" on my android phone but the only android title I see in the forum list is a "Zen Pinball HD". I'm pretty sure I also had a Zen Pinball on my ps3 (don't remember the specific name) that shared the tables from my android version. I haven't played in years, but now I see it's on the ps4 and windows as well? Will these versions also share my tables? And how do I install these versions? Is the PC platform steam-only or stand-alone as well? What about this new FX3 version?

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    Hey anoni! Those are different platforms - mobile/PC/console - the versions are developed differently. For example if you buy a table on mobile you are not able to share it on your PS or on your Windows.

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