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Thread: [Steam] Possible problem with Pasha?

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    Default [Steam] Possible problem with Pasha?

    I'm playing Pasha and I've run into a situation that looks like a bug. There are no balls on the table, the DMD says "follow the compass" and nothing happens. I can click the flippers and the the buttons and they work but with no balls on the table it's just kind of empty. While I can nudge the table, the table won't even tilt the table to move onto the next ball. The game just seems stuck in that position.

    I had a multiball running and when I locked the last ball the table didn't release a ball to continue playing. I have kept the game paused if someone at Zen Studios wants to take a look.

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    Just got same problem now. Followed the compass til I hit the upper hole to complete the mission and it never returned the ball. Been sitting for 5 minutes while looking through Zen Forums to see if there is a thread and found this one.
    BTW Han Solo still broken. Can't lock a ball into death star. Maybe there should be a glitch thread so we can catalog all the current glitches at least til they are patched.
    It's too bad about this Pasha glitch cause I would have gotten 1st in this tournament.
    BTW playing on xbox one so different platform.
    Edit. You can't even tilt the table to end your ball so you can continue game.
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    Weird, this looks like a bug yes. Especially that both of you report a very similar problem about Pasha.

    Thanks for reporting.

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