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Thread: ROCK HARD - Rock n Roll Themed Table Idea

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    Default ROCK HARD - Rock n Roll Themed Table Idea

    Rock Hard is a pinball table based on a satirical look at rock musics excessive lifestyle of rock musicians. Take the 5 members of Rock Hard for local prospects to global Hall of Famers through stunning shows and excessive lifestyles. Work your way through dive bars, venues, stadiums and world venues as you rock your way across the globe to become the world's biggest band.

    Rock Hard Breakthrough Main Quest (timed)
    To come through as a breakthrough act you must complete 1 of the band objectives. Completion adds a bumper to the stage dive playing field.

    Rock Hard Difficult Second Album Main Quest (timed)
    To come through on the difficult second album you must complete 2 of the band objectives. Completion adds a bumper to the stage dive playing field.

    Rock Hard with Vengeance Main Quest (timed)
    To come through Rock Hard with Vengeance you must complete 3 of the band objectives. Completion adds a bumper to the stage dive playing field.

    Intercontinental Rock Hard Main Quest (timed)
    To come through Intercontinental Rock Hard you must complete 4 of the band objectives. Completion adds a bumper to the stage dive playing field.

    Rock Hard Hall of Famers Main Quest (WIZARD MODE) (timed)
    To come through Rock Hard Hall of Famers you must complete all 5 of the band objectives. Completion adds a bumper to the stage dive playing field.

    Band Objectives (Part of the Main Quests)
    Vocals - Wail, scream and showboat when the spotlight is on you. Stage diving, stirring up the moshpit and egging on your bandmates by hitting their corresponding orbits, ramps and bumpers. Hit the kick out hole milestone to activate this mode.

    Lead guitar - Play along to the notes on the screen embedded table. The fans will accept extra notes, but you will lose out if you miss too many notes. Timing notes to be played will result in better scores. Light up “SHRED” on the corresponding ramp to activate this mode.

    Rhythm guitar - Hit consecutive combos to pass this test. Earn additional score by hitting the lit combo for extra musical flourishes and score gains. Hit the combo milestone to activate this mode.

    Bass - Hit the rollovers to add notes to your run and then play them out by hitting the spinner. Hit the rollover milestone to activate this mode.

    Drums - Hitting any bumper or target to increase your drum solo. Hitting milestones within the allotted time will put extra balls into play. Hit the bumper milestone to activate this mode.

    Each one of these objectives can run simultaneously. Starting another Band Objective while one is already running will extend the time allotted. Trying to have as much time banked when you finish your objectives lets you into “ENCORE MODE” where the left over time will allow you to play out your current balls. When the timer reaches zero in “ENCORE MODE” the table will offer you two options.

    At any point you can pull the plunger which will open a hopper in the middle of the table which will allow you to take a bow by sending any remaining balls there. Doing this will send you to the next leg of your Main Quest which will offer bigger scoring opportunities and harder objectives.


    You can continue playing the balls in play, smashing up the stage, your instruments, and doing any of the sidequests you may have missed. You can cancel this mode at any time by pulling the plunger and sending your remaining balls into the hopper. None of these features are repeatable at this level.

    Progressing to the next level of the Main Quest line will result in all the Band Objectives getting harder

    If you fail to reach the amount of Band Objectives, you will be booed off stage and have to start over the main quest you have failed from the top.

    Increasing your multiplier is done by hitting the spinners. Hitting the spinner sells albums. Albums translate into bonus multiplier. It goes up to x11, it’d be a missed opportunity if it didn't.

    In lanes and out lanes have ROCK HARD to light up. Lighting up these letters enables the outlane poppers to be exposed which can fire the ball into the crowd surfing playing area.

    This area is below where the flippers are and acts as a bonus ball save area that can be augmented with bumpers by passing Main Quests. 2 mini flippers can be used to hit the ball back into the crowd surfing area. When the ball drains it’s fired back into the main playing area. This area can also be accessed by a very dangerous ramp on either side of the table. Be careful not to hit the opposite slingshot and drain.

    A circular table inside the table, the moshpit is a rotating circle with bagatelle style pins in it. Upon scoring combos or hitting skillshots, the circle will spin and release miniature balls which will bounce about the circle. On the outsides of the circle there are bumpers that can shoot balls back into the middle of the circle, however there are gaps that the balls can drain through. Upon reaching a certain amount of miniature balls in the moshpit, the player can bounce the table around as much as they want without receiving tilt warnings. If too many miniature balls leave the moshpit playing area, this feature will be lost. Keep bumping the table and scoring combos to keep the moshpit rolling. More combos make the moshpit spin faster. If a combo is broken and too many balls drain, the moshpit will return to its set position where all balls will drain.

    All side modes can be chosen after lighting the DAYJOB targets around the playing field. PIck which one you want after hitting the ball into the vocals hole.

    A rival band challenges ROCK HARD. Get ROCK HARDs band members to outplay your rivals by hitting the lit feature in sequence. (timed)

    Smashing hotels up? Driving expensive cars into swimming pools? Beating up Paparazzi? See how much damage you can rack up in this high risk high reward feature. Become lawless by hitting the bumpers and rollovers to build a jackpot. To bank any points earned in this mode you must use the spinner to spin the story your way and avoid being apprehended by the authorities and losing everything you earned during this mode. (timed)

    Run the wires, set up the instruments, rig the lights and do a soundcheck. Hit the ramps to set the gig up and then the orbits to test the lights and sounds. (timed)

    Earn progressively better tour vehicles by providing ROCK HARD bandmates autographs Autographs are placed around the table and must be scored before the timer runs out to upgrade your tour vehicle. This can be done once per quest mode. Car > Van > Bus > Coach > Plane > Private jet.

    The only way to receive extra balls is by hitting the milestones on the albums sold, which can be progressed by hitting the spinner. A total of 4 extra balls can be earned per game, rewarded at bronze, silver, gold and platinum artist. The CD on the spinner will change colour as you rank up this reward.

    A dynamic soundtrack that mixes in more of whatever you’re currently doing with the ball. Are you rocking out with the drummer? Then the drum track will be more pronounced. Lead guitar stealing the show? Guess who wants to show off his FX pedal. Vocalist on point? The spotlight turns to him.

    Sorry there’s no table layout to look at. I have an idea of what it looks like, but committing it to paper is something else. Top end of the table has a mushrooms modelled on drums and there’s rollovers with the letters BASS, both of which can be accessed by inner orbits. Sinkhole in the middle is for vocals and on either side there’s ramps for the other instruments.

    Want to see more ideas from me? Leave a reply and maybe I'll do just that. Thanks for taking time to read this, I look forwards to any replies you may have.

    Zen Studios, you are free to use any of these ideas if you think they're good enough to go into any future products you wish to make.

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    It's kind of a shame that this doesn't have any posts. I feel like there are a LOT of unused ideas for pinball tables left to be discovered. A rock-and-roll concept in Zen Pinball might be pretty awesome if done right, and it looks like you put quite a lot of work into this concept.

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