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Thread: Crossbuy between Steam and W10 ?

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    Default Crossbuy between Steam and W10 ?


    I'm very happy with the new FX3

    But my question is:

    Is there a possibility to have my table buyed by steam into W10 version ?
    Cuz i've almost 50 table on steam but on my Xbox/W10 only 14 ...

    It's the same platform :/ it's PC

    Need I to rebuy all the table i already buyed ?

    Is'nt possible to have a kind of account into the game who know what table I buy on steam or xbox or PC or PS3/4 ... ?


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    Sorry, my understanding is that no, there is no transfer between Steam and Win10 Store.

    Bear in mind that Steam, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony all take their own cut of sales, which is why the Win10 is actually closer to Xbox (same store owner) than to Steam.

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    Yeah, prettymuch what QuietlyWrong said, it would be awesome to have like one 'Zen' account, but we are not allowed to do that.

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