I purchased tables for Pinball FX 1 & 2 on the XBOX 360, and they imported just fine to the XBOX One.

I installed Pinball FX3 for Windows 10, and all tables from the XBOX One imported as well.

Installed Steam version today, was asked if I wanted to 'link' my Steam Account with my Pinball FX (Zen) account. I answered yes.

No imports found.

I come to the Pinball FX support page today to open my account up. I don't have one? So I sign up for an account today, and here I am.

So when I said 'yes' to linking the accounts (Steam and Zen), what account did I connect my Steam account to? As far as I can tell there is no way to find out, or edit, or change, or modify the link. I can disconnect, and I can connect again. Although what exactly it is I am connecting to is a mystery.

Did Steam just 'make up' a profile for me with Zen Studios? How can I tell FX3 that I have a Zen Account, and link it appropriately?

Thanks in Advance.