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Thread: Marvel pinball (ps3) tables over to pinball fx 3 (ps4)

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    Default Marvel pinball (ps3) tables over to pinball fx 3 (ps4)


    I have the ability to play the full versions of the wolverine, ironman, blade, spiderman, capt america, and fantastic four tables on my PS3. I tried to import them to the pinball fx 3 on ps4, but it only gives me the demo version of them. They have been on my PS3 for a VERY long time so I don't remember if I actually paid for them or if they were some sort of free thing. I assume, if they were free, that is why they aren't importing to ps4? Does anyone know a way to check this or have any other info? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    Hi there partTimeNinja,

    When you buy a table you get a receipt sent to you by E-mail.
    I print them out and store those mails in a safe place. That way you have proof that you purchased that table.

    Please check your mails. (I hope you did not delete them, without printing them)

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