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    Default Theater of Magic view 2 in cabinet mode bug

    Theater of Magic does not save selected view 2 in cabinet mode -classic arcade.

    Every time I restart the game , for some reason it gives me View1W. The VIew 2 should be saved just like in all other pinball tables.


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    Quote Originally Posted by OU7CAS7 View Post
    Thanks Linne. I am now looking at trying to send a fairly large file to Zen staff through my email account. Unfortunately, the file size limit is 50MB, and the size of the video clip is 583MB.

    Does Zen have anything like a Google Drive account or Dropbox account that I could place the file into? I suspect that this is going to be a problem for most people, so Zen Studios would definitely benefit from having such an account.
    Currently, there is no option for that, however, if you write in an e-mail to, that is 100% that I will answer that, and I can tell you the way, how it could be possible do that now.
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