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Thread: Post all bugs here

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    Hi Chili,

    I've reported many bugs on the beta forum here :

    Most of them are still not fixed, especially on Deadpool :
    • Physic ball doesnt return to the normal after playing a main mission level 2 or 3.
    • New bug : launch the wizard but nothing happens, no tilt possible = restart.
    • And always the katana multiball may a very long time to start, so the ball save deserve nothing.

    There are many bugs on my beta thread, please just take a look to the most important (Epic Quest with Princess multiball, etc).

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    Hey wims_Beta! I will inform our developers regarding the bugs you mentioned. Thanks for your patience!

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    When I turn on backglass repositioning all I get in place of the backglass is a file path in the top left corner of my backglass.

    The file path seems to point to the table or menu that is currently on the screen

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