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Thread: Star Wars™ Pinball now available in retail and digital form on Nintendo Switch™!

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    Default Star Wars™ Pinball now available in retail and digital form on Nintendo Switch™!

    Star Wars™ Pinball has arrived on Nintendo Switch! Packed with new features, modes, and content, the entire 19-table collection delivers memorable Star Wars moments covering all eras of the saga. The game takes full advantage of awesome Nintendo Switch hardware features like HD Rumble and vertical orientation.

    We’re not done yet! Next to the Nintendo eShop, Star Wars™ Pinball also landed on retail shelves, so you can add the first-ever Star Wars™ game released on the Switch to your physical collection!

    The Nintendo Switch collection offers new and exciting gameplay modes exclusive to the system. Take up arms in a community-wide Galactic Struggle, which allows you to contribute points to the light or dark side, a new Career mode allowing to level through 50 Career Ranks, and unlockable special Force Power bonuses to maximize your true potential.

    Find both digital and retail versions here:

    See you on the leaderboards, and may the Force be with you, Pinball Wizards!
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    I purchased this a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it, mostly, but do have a couple of questions. Why was survival mode included in some of the challenges yet it is not included in the game as a stand alone option when creating tournaments? I see that Zen sometimes hosts survival tournaments, but in at least one case this was merely a 300 second game and not traditional survival. I understand why rewind was removed as it has been plagued with issues and I don't use it anyway, but survival is one of the funnest modes and is regularly on pinball fx3 one of the most chosen modes during tournament creation so to have the core aspect of the game within the game and then to not include it seems an odd choice to me. Perhaps an update?
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