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Thread: Windows 10: No more in-game purchases?

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    Default Windows 10: No more in-game purchases?

    Yesterday I purchased the Universal Classics pack in-game and it all worked fine.

    Today there was a large Windows 10 update and now when I click "Buy" it takes me outside of the game to my browser. However, my browser (Firefox) is not set up to make such purchases because I use the Microsoft Store app for that. Previously Pinball FX3 made a direct connection to the store app in-game. Why did this change? Or is it just me?

    So I had to open the Microsoft Store app and search for the item I wanted to buy (Marvel Cinematic pack). Then I had to go back into the game and hit the space bar to import the purchased tables. ("import tables" by the way is now called "restore tables"). This update sure doesn't make things any easier. And the import of FX2 tables is still broken.

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    Well, today the in-game purchases work normally again. Welcome to Windows wonderland...

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    Default I'm glad

    Hey guys,
    I'm glad that it's working fine now!

    Feel free to contact us if anything is wrong again!

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