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Thread: Split screen!!!

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    Default Split screen!!!

    Let’s be straight about the pinball fan base, we aren’t the play online crowd THAT much. But we are the play with friends and family crowd a lot more....and we are a loyal bunch because not many folks do pinball as good as you guys!

    So let’s get split screen so my wife and I can quit passing the controller back and forth.

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    Öhm, NO 😛
    Its too smal on the TV.
    And i am loving it the classic way after each other.

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    Yes, me and my friends feel the same. Pinball is just perfect for local multiplayer. All that concentration on the online part only is in my opinion a failure.

    It would be a great feature. Please Zen, add split screen as it was in Zen Pinball 2.

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    Default Possibility

    Hey guys,
    thank you for this awesome suggestion!

    We are examining the possibility to bring back the classic split screen mode but right now I cannot promise anything.

    Wishing you a great holiday season!

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