Looks like this board isn't too active, gonna post something here anyways.

So yeah, I heard about the pinball games some time ago, but never got around to them. Then Pinball FX3 shows up on Switch, FOR FREE...So I decided to try it out and I enjoyed it, and now I'm just hoping some of my favorite video game/cartoon series gets a table. I did buy the Portal one, and plan on getting Balls of Glory sometime soon (limited on money here, lol) mainly for American Dad. Only thing I don't really like about the game in general is One Ball Challenge, the game is evil towards me on that mode. I always have the worst luck, other mods I can take on just fine...it's weird. Also Son of Zeus, no idea why but it's my least favorite table so far...

Anyways found the forum, figured I'd stick around for a bit...maybe get some help on the One Balls. I do have a Twitter account as well as Youtube. On Youtube I do upload videos every now and then, I actually put up a couple of Pinball FX3 not too long ago. But my channel is a ghost town, oh well...

I'm also on Nintendo Life, and yes, I'm a moderator...

Also...kitty cat, i haz one...I love her, except when she's being a troublemaker....which is often. Her name is Sanya, named after an anime girl...from a fanservice anime...deal with it. lol

Pinball FX3 Table Wish List
1. Teen Titans
2. Rick and Morty
3. Futurama
4. Bayonetta
5. Metroid

6. I would throw in a bunch of anime series, but I know they tend to be a pain to deal with when it comes to that stuff...Go figure. TwT

With that all said and done, I'm usually online 24/7...I'm somewhere out there so...TALK TO MEH!!!