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Thread: xb1 imports nothing!!! need help

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    Default xb1 imports nothing!!! need help


    I played pinball fx 2 on 360 and purchased a few tables on 360 many years ago but never got around to installing on xbox 1 till now but icouldnt find it on x1 store but i saw pinball fx3 so installed that and linked accounts and tryed importing the tables but it says 0 tables to import

    i purchased these on 360
    ms splosion man
    marvel vengeance and virtue
    marvel pinball
    earth defense
    sorcerers lair
    marvel avengers chronicles
    nightmare mansion
    captian america
    epic quest
    pinball fx 2 core

    should i not beable to transfer these to xbox1 pinball fx 3 (as i am still using the same account profile used for both 360 and x1)?

    thanks for the help in advance

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    Having same problem, though I was able to import some tables to FX3 on XB1. Many of the Zen tables, including the 'core' tables and aome of the Marvel and Star Wars tables don't show on my import list.

    I had all the tables on FX2.

    Slaine2k, some of the tables didn't make their way to XB1:

    Ms Splosion Man
    Street Fighter
    the South Park tables

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