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Thread: Doom Rules Questions- Combos and mini modes

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    Default Doom Rules Questions- Combos and mini modes

    I've been playing this table quite a bit trying to get better but I still can't figure out some things.


    The higher the combo the more points you get each shot. But what does trigger the counter to reset? It's not a simple timeout, is it? It seems a bit random to me. One time I can miss and shoot the ball into the pit spindisk twice and yet the next shot into a lane/ramp/skull still counts. The next time after just catching the ball by letting it bounce on a flipper just once and hitting a lane/ramp/skull right away is too slow.
    Also after locking a ball for multiball or starting a main mode the combo isn't continued. But after playing on the mini playfield you can continue the combo.

    Is there a light somewhere that inidcates if the combo is still going? And what is the max? I remember in one game I reached >5.000 points per shot.

    Right ramp mini modes
    What is the difference between the modes? Apart from the "video" mode you have to hit the lit "shoot" shots and the moving demon targets in the middle. And how does scoring work? One time I got awarded 60.000 points!! No idea how I did that though.

    Trapped Ball 2-Ball
    Sometimes a shot at the trapped ball starts a two-ball multiball. Is this a random award?

    I really love how this table plays and sound, graphics and light work perfect together. If it wasn't for the annoying mini playfield this would be my #1 favourite!
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