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Thread: Zen Pinball 2 tables missing on PS4 store.

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    Question Zen Pinball 2 tables missing on PS4 store.


    I know there is pinfall fx3 out, but because I play with my wife on split screen mode, and she loves plants vs zombies table, we still playing zen pinball 2.
    I've been trying to import the castle storm and wild west tables to Zen Pinball 2 in PS4.

    Is it still posible? It says that the content doesn't exist (on ps3 it works fine).

    I've tried to go to the store and download them, but they don't exit any more for PS4, only for vita and ps3.
    On pinball fx3, they do import fine (except plants vs zombies, but I know they don't have the license anymore), but we cannot play it on split creen.

    Is there any way to import them to zen pinball 2 on PS4?

    I have an european account (spain).

    Thank you

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    it's not possible anymore.
    We asked Sony to remove that part from the description because FX3 is the game on PS4

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