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Thread: Any new tables planned for existing catigories?

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    Default Any new tables planned for existing catigories?

    I bought the Fox Cartoon Balls of Glory pack, and I just realized how much I want to see a Futurama and King of the Hill table. I think both could make cool tables. The Futurama table could have Planet express, transport tubes instead of ramps, and it could have the Blurnsball announcer shout "Multiball! Multiball!" The King of the Hill table could have Alamo Beer cans or Strickland Propane tanks as bumpers and could have a layout inspired by Hank Hill's neighborhood golf course. These are only minor concepts, but I know both shows have enough episodes and ideas to make some pretty kick-ass tables out of them.

    Not to mention all the Star Wars and Marvel based tables that could possibly be made.

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    we have plans about expanding the existing library but right now we can't say anything about the upcoming releases.
    Please stay tuned to our social media channels where we announce every upcoming tables and packs.

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