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    Cool What's the LUP's Club ?

    What is the LUP's Club ?

    It began with a forum openned around 2007 witch became over time a real team, gathering passionated pinball players. Mainly active on Pinball FX3, all our members share the same passion about the small ball of steel, either on video games or on real machines.

    Our members have various skills level, from the beginner to the expert and they all contribute to keep things moving in the forum in the spirit of one team. We're proud that among them we can find some of the best Pinball FX3 players, and their highscore, often at the top of the leaderboards, are just the reflect of their love and devotion for this game.

    Our Website / Forum :

    As said above, the LUP's Club has is own forum containing a bunch of informations and knowledge, starting with full detailed guide about every tables done with great care. You can also find tests indicating the difficulty and the appreciation of each tables and much more for members who really get involved in the team like specials threads revealing big secrets and best strategies on each tables.

    I can already hear some of you guys saying : "Hey wait... I can't read nor speak French, so I don't really care...".
    And I would answer : "Have a look at the next paragraph "

    What are we doing here ?

    First of all, we want to say that our team isn't close to anybody. Even if our first goal was to gather all the Pinball FX3's French community, we have some English and Spanish members. So if you can understand a bit of French in order to naviguate on our website, then we would be pleased to speak and answer you in English. You just have to register for gainning access to almost everything.

    We like to think that even if pinball is mostly played alone, it is much more pleasant to share this passion with others in a friendly atmosphere.

    Recently, thanks to Akos, we have a place here on the official forum. We are well aware that the language barrier can be a problem and that very few of you guys will actually come in our forum because the talking may be complicated.

    That's why we are coming to you, here! We will enrich this section and speak/share/laught in English with you. We are going to share some of our tips and tricks to help you out if needed and we will be able to talk about our favorite game all together.

    If you have read until there, it is not a coincidence. We assure ou that your pleasure playing Pinball FX3 and your skills will grow significantly with us.

    True. This last sentence may sound a bit pretentious but we are pretty good at this game so...
    Hi everyone ! I am Wims, from the LUP's Club ! I'm very happy, we've finaly got a little place in the official forum. That's a real gift for us. Thanks a lot Zen, you rocks !

    But first, I have to introduce myself. Well, I'm an old fan of Zen Studios. I've known Pinball FX1, so yes, I'm old. At this period, I was a casual player, but I became a real pinball junkie with the release of Marvel Pinball Origins. Wolverine was a revelation, that table made me love all the gameroom. And now, I can say it : Pinball FX is the game of my life, I never had an addiction for a game before.

    So seven years ago, as a real fan, I decided to create a forum,, to bring all the french community of Pinball FX (we also have some english members who visit us sometimes). And today, I'm happy, I've done it : we are a team with many gamers, with different skills.

    But what will do we here now ? We will progressively enrich this section with our video guides, tips, and many other funy things. It will take some time, cause english is not our mother tongue, but we really want to share with you our tips and all our love for this game !

    See you very soon !
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