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Thread: -={ FEATURE REQUEST }=- Digital Plunger Support

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    Question -={ FEATURE REQUEST }=- Digital Plunger Support

    The biggest downfall of using Pinball FX3 is not being able to use my VirtuaPin Digital Plunger. Zen Studios offers a "cabinet mode" so they are aware of endusers using their product in a pinball cabinet. I do not understand why Digital Plunger support has not been top priority for FX3.

    I would like to hear from a member of the Zen Studios programming team... Why havent you guys offered support for the digital plunger? Will you ever offer support for it? What do you need from us to get this feature put at the top of your to-do list?

    Thank you and I am anxiously waiting for Zen's reply.

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    Hey funkytechmonkey! Thanks for your suggestion! I will inform our colleagues about your request! Have a nice day!

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