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Thread: New Score board, bump if you like

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    Default New Score board, bump if you like

    I'm addicted to zen 3ds, my scores are rapidly improving (though my latest scores have not been registering due to GF playing with settings!!!) and I love seeing how high I can climb up the board (as we all do, or will).
    But, there's a new score board i'd love to see, even if i couldn't achieve a place i'd love to see how other peeps manage.
    Speed Pinball!!
    How quickly can someone reach the 10,000,000 mark, the 50,000,000 mark, the 100,000,000!
    High scores are fun to achieve, and with a lot of patience, holding with the flippers etc incredible scores can be reached... but how high can you go under pressure??
    Please, I would give anything to see this in a DLC.
    I first thought of a general score/time formula, but quickly reached, low scores would defeat the point.

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    Hey MaxineW.Bennett788! Thanks for your suggestions! We appreciate your passion for our game! Have a wonderful day!

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