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Thread: Camera Reset View Button Respawn Bug

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    Default Camera Reset View Button Respawn Bug (Nintendo Switch)

    Hey Zen!

    So after purchasing your game as you know from @Chili 's reply in my last thread posting....loving the game by the way.

    I found a bug in the controls. Applies to all modes of the game. (Except Training mode because you don't die)

    So the reset view button, (on my control scheme it is the left stick) when pressed functions correctly.

    Unfortunately. After I get destroyed by an enemy or bot, when you respawn the button does not function correctly.

    It actually turns your robot character's very disorienting!! It's cost me 100s of robot lives!!! It's actually fixated center as where your reticle is when you respawn. Which makes it impossible to recenter the camera correctly. Try it for yourself.

    Please please fix this issue in a future patch.

    I can play this game for only a few minutes before someone kills me....only to die once before the way I play the game breaks and causes me to die due to a coding error.

    Thanks for all you do!

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