Hello everyone im Elias, I recently downloaded The Punisher No Mercy to my PS3 via playstation store not expecting to get much for my meagre £7.99 as most of the games on the store are quite lame, but to my suprise I seem to have stumbled onto something quite special not only was this game a first person shooter but it had good graphics aswell and a character custumisation option. So I went through the story enjoying every moment of it wich wasnt many moments atall, unlocked some new weapons and headed straight to multi-player "I new it was to good to be true" hardly anyone plays.

So here I am jabering on but now to why we are here, I would like to start a pertition to see if we can save this awsome game. I would like everyone who reads this post to leave there name or alias and thier PS3 name so that we can see just how many people want this game to live so that we all may die.

Name: Elias
Ps3 Name: Elias023