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    Just downloaded Zen Pinball, and when I loaded it up, everything was compressed into a 2:40 aspect ratio, rather than the 16x9 it should be in. Is there a reason for this, something I can change (a search through the game didn't show any signs of this being changeable)?

    My TV is only capable of either 1080i or 480p, and I know the game is 720p. Would this have anything to do with it? I don't have this problem with other games, so I'm wondering if it's just some setting I'm missing. Anyways, any help in correcting this would be greatly appreciated.

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    What resolution does the game load with? 480p?

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    Yes, it loads in 480p (I believe). It wouldn't load in standard NTSC would it? Anyways, other games, like Guitar Hero, load in 480p too, but they don't get squished like this. My first clue was the splash screen with the Zen logo and the ball was oval! Then of course having the screen look letterboxed just didn't make sense.

    I do know that when I had downloaded the demo, the exact same thing happened, but I just figured that was cause it WAS a demo.

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