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Thread: Terminator 2 Judgement Day Table

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    Default Terminator 2 Judgement Day Table

    Please ZEN! My friends and I have all spend countless hours during our youth at the local arcade playing Terminator 2. We request that you make this table (or at least an updated version with updated ZEN style effects.) Terminator salvation table perhaps? I KNOW lots of people would buy this, more so than some of the other unique requests on the forums.

    In order of preference:

    1. Terminator
    2. Metal Gear Solid
    3. Final Fantasy
    4. Alien versus Predator

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    All of those would be cool. Personally, I am hoping for a horror themed game. Given what is popular now, I would most realistically like to see any of the following:

    1. Lost: You could have ramps based on the plane crashing or being chased by the smoke monster, a temple, etc.
    2. Resident Evil: So many diverse monsters and locations for theming! Probably the most popular horror game, figure, film, comic, novel, etc. franchise currently around.
    3. Dante's Inferno: This table would be hellaciously interesting and semi-educational and kind of like a revamped version of Gorgar.
    4. Bioshock: Not much in the way of ocean themed tables on the various pinball games out there for the PlayStation 3 and so this one would add some new variety to the mix.
    5. Disney's Haunted Mansion: Given that it is based on a ride, lost of opportunities for ramps and the like.

    Has anyone heard anything about what the actual next table will be and about when we can expect it? Given that the last table was delayed a couple months, I am hoping the next one comes sooner.

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    Default for sauteme

    Might be wrong but what it comes down to is copyright and money. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    At least for like the original T2 machine at least. I've played terminator pinball games for the pc. Made by fans but still really well made.

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    i would love T2 - Judgement day !

    the old pinball was GREAT




    ADAMS Family

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