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Thread: Earth Defense Bugs

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    Exclamation Earth Defense Bugs

    First let me say that I own Zen pinball and all of the DLC. I love this game. Earth defense is an easy 1st day purchase. It is only because I appreciate this game so much that I am bothering to post here.

    However, this particular board has so many bugs. The first bug I want to mention is a game freeze at the very beginning of a board, where the scoreboard says intervention. The game actually goes to a complete freeze with a graphical hiccup for about 4 seconds. None of the flippers work, the graphics look frozen, and nothing responds. This isn't an easily repro'd bug.

    The second bug I want to bring up is that I have gotten my ball stuck in the back of the board behind the robot. I tried nudging the table to no avail. Eventually, the game gave me a new ball from the launcher, but nothing I did worked.

    Lastly, the multiball eventually freezes the flippers and the balls drain. I know that this is on purpose-however, consider that it is usually bad game design to take control out of the players hands. Especially in pinball. I really don't like this mechanic.

    Overall, I do enjoy the new board, I will probably buy your golf game, too. For some reason, I think we share the same definition of "Fun." Please consider fixing these bugs as the first two are game breaking.

    Your fan,

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    many thanks for your response! we gladly receive judgements with good intentwe are working on bugs to improve the board.

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