Lately I've been getting into Playstation Home and I think a Zen Studios Space would be an awesome addition. As one of the major 3rd party developers on the PSN it just makes sense for Zen to be represented. The space would be a great way to promote Punisher: No Mercy & Zen Pinball. They could showcase the leaderboards, show trailers, and it'd be a great way for No Mercy fans to meet up and launch games. A mini-game could be included to earn free Punisher shirts for avatars, that would make the space a huge attraction, cuz who doesn't love that shirt? Maybe offer another item exclusively to people who own the game (maybe the Punisher bullet proof vest ) as added incentive for people to pick it up. Clearly I'm coming at this from a No Mercy fan's perspective, so I'm sure more Zen Pinball stuff could be implemented as well. I'd love to see this happen, any thoughts?