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Thread: Planet Minigolf Officially Announced (now with media and previews!)

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    Exclamation Planet Minigolf Officially Announced (now with media and previews!)

    Official Stuff

    Press Release
    (4/20) Course Creation: Two Holes in Two Minutes trailer


    (4/16) IGN Hands-On
    (4/16) Destructoid Hands-On
    (4/16) Gamespot Preview
    (4/22) GameRevolution preview


    (4/16) Gamespot Videos
    (4/16) IGN Videos and Screens

    I'll continue to update this post as needed.

    Zen Studios on Facebook
    Zen Studios on Twitter

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    Thumbs up

    For a minigolf game this looks pretty huge. Customizable characters and courses sound very promising. Seems like an ambitious title and it's already a day 1 purchase for me, I just hope this doesn't mean the end of support for Punisher: No Mercy.

    I'm also glad to see Zen Studios on Twitter, it's nice to know you guys are listening to the fans. You'll see me following as @askanison.

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    im so amazed my dream is to become a beta tester for this it'll feel great

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    Looking forward to this one. Hope we soon see a confirmed release date.

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