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Thread: Excalibur Slow Down

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    I just got the Excalibur table yesterday, I must say wonderful job I really dig the design. Anyways back to the issue, I played yesterday about 10 games maybe more and everything was fine. I went to get some work done returned later that night and I noticed the ball slowing down when it would come down off the ramp towards the main flippers. The area effected is around the bumpers and the sword image. Its almost as though I was slowing down time it affected everything not just the ball. This bug could lead the high scores by the right person :P but I just would like to see it returned to normal.


    *** UPDATE *** After playing it some more and then accidentally changing views, I reviewed all the views available and have found that it is "View 2" that this slow down occurs.

    P.S. the ability to save & show game replays would be great! Demonstration shots on how to activate the main table features. Text descriptions are nice with the image but its easier for some to see it done.
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