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    I finally completed this with my last ball after over 1 hour of cursing. I got 6 extra balls and lost all of them to the centre drain. This game's trophies are insanely hard, I never felt such a relief when I achieved something in any other game.

    Well, to give this thread a purpose besides celebrating, I can give you a good advice: Get comfortable with the orbit shots and activate those 2 extra balls for every standard ball, they're very easy to get and should increase your tries to a total of 9. Along with constant ball save refreshing you can even be as bad as I was and still manage to get this :P

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    It's that feeling that got me addicted to Zen Pinball. Adrenaline, dopamine and all the other weird stuff your brain produces when you're on a 1 hour lasting pinball game.
    I truly hope that they maintain that difficulty level for all future tables. I was actually disappointed with the Excalibur silver trophy because it was so easy... Don't make this the new standard please

    Anyway, congrats on the trophy TC! El dorado was one of the hardest silvers in the game for me personally, for the same reason it gave you a hard time...

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