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Thread: Hot-Seat multiplayer ??

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    Default Hot-Seat multiplayer ??

    Where is the hot-seat multiplayer ?? It seems only available for the 4 new tables, but how do we play hot-seat with Excalibur or Street Fighter, which feature was available in Pinball FX 1 ???

    Really Zen, I love your work, but here I really don't understand. For years I've been waiting for hot-seat multiplayer for all tables in PFX1 and I told you many times by e-mails, you said it was a big mistake from you and you said this feature would appear very soon, then you finally released PFX2 and, not only the feature is not available for old tables, but it's not even available for Excalibur, Earth Defense and Street Fighter any more !! I'm very disappointed, it's the only feature I wanted, game modes for playing with players at the other side of the world have been improved a lot, but I still can't play with the friend sitting in the sofa right next to me? In what kind of world are we living ? Please tell me there will be an update or something...
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