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Thread: wizard mode on pinball fx

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    Default wizard mode on pinball fx

    I keep getting to wizard mode but the game locks up after I shoot the ball in the race hole. I just signed in tonite, got the update, and it is still locking up. Any help?

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    i hope understood,... because i'm stranger from italy.... however

    I don t know if it s wanted, if is a bug or , ...ok you solve that problem simply playing multiball before wizard tournment.

    The problem is that if there is balls locked, the pinball tilt deafenitely crash.

    Only in speed machine pinball fx 1.

    In speed machine fx 2 this not happen, but there isnt win the wizard tournment as achievement.

    When you finish all missions, collecting tunings, close call, decibel, 6 spinner race and bumper stunt, sure there isn t ball unlocked and start wizard tournment.

    This last is the same of qualified mission, only that instead 6 spinner or ramps, you have to hit spinner and ramps 15 - 16 times...

    It s like a car race:
    For qualified tournment you start from 6th position and hit spinner till to pole position
    For wizard tournment you start from 14th position and hit spinner and ramps till to pole position.... without loose balls!!! if you loose only one ball in tournment multiball ...the achivment fail. Never lose balls.

    I hope this is the right answer to your question

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    On the main screen hold ctrl and push w.

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