I think there should be more guns when its a Punisher game there can never be enought Firearms what i would like to see added are as followed per category

Close Quarter
1.Silver 9mm Beretta (and the final upgrade be two automatic dual wielding berettas)
2.SilverSmith and wesson M500 10.5 inch barrel with compensator

Mid Range weapons
1.heckler and Koch Mp5
2.L85 british assualt Rifle
3.12 gauge Auto Shotgun
4. Pkm LMG
5. M60 LMG

special weapons
1. bolt action sniper rifle(couldnt understand why there was not one sniper rifle in the game. The scopes on the mid level guns are cool but are no comparison to a high powered sniper rifle)
2. 50 cal barret anti material sniper rifle(punisher uses this rifle many times through the garth ennis issues so surprised not to see this weapon either)
3. M134 Gatlin Gun

when i was playing last night i felt alot of times when there was a group of players grenades would have played a major advantage in game play when the rocket launcher was over kill and risked damaging my own character so here is my list of explosives id like to see

Hand Held Explosives
1. mg40 Hand Grenades
2. Flash bangs
3. Moloctov Cocktails
4. C4 satchels with remote detonation (for setting up ambush points)