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Thread: PSVR performance on Universal Pack

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    Default PSVR performance on Universal Pack

    I'm wondering if there will be an update that allows the Universal tables to run as smoothly as the original tables? I spend a lot of time on Pinball FX 2 VR and think it's the best game ever. The ET table is currently the one I play the most, but it's frustrating how choppy it is. I went back to the Mars and Walking Dead tables and they are smooth as silk on PSVR. I don't have a PC VR system so I don't know if the Universal tables are choppy there. Really, the Walking Dead table seems more complex than the ET table, and it runs great. I like to get close to the table when I play - chin practically on glass - amazing experience, but can't do it on any of the Universal tables because of the choppiness.

    I sure hope you guys are still developing the Pinball tables in VR because they are absolutely great. I'd like to see Shaman someday. Also, is it possible to enable 3D support on Pinball FX 3 when playing with the VR helmet?

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    Hey BionicJim! Thanks for your questions! Regarding new VR please stay tuned! In PFX3 there is no 3D support. Also about VR: we recommend you to use the view which is not that "close view", so it should help you to run the tables more smoothly. Hope it helps!

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