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    Default Williams Pinball FAQ

    When are the first Williams™ Pinball tables releasing?
    We will be announcing our release date for the first pack of tables in a few weeks. You do not have to wait long for Volume 1.

    Which platforms will receive Williams™ Pinball tables?
    Williams™ Pinball tables will first launch on Pinball FX3 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam and Zen Pinball 2 on Mac. There will be a dedicated game page for Williams™ Pinball content in Pinball FX3 and the first set of tables will launch in a pack.

    Are the Williams™ Pinball tables coming to Zen Pinball on iOS and Google Play?

    At this time we are not planning to bring the Williams tables to Zen Pinball on iOS and Google Play. We will be making specific announcements for our plans on mobile in the future – we definitely have some!

    How many tables do you plan to release within a year?
    We are launching 4 tables with the first release, and we should have another 4 tables out before the end of 2018. 2019 will be very busy with releases, you will not be disappointed!

    Which Williams™ Pinball tables are in the initial release?
    The first set of tables includes Fish Tales™, Junk Yard™, Medieval Madness™ and The Getaway: High Speed II™.

    Has there been any change to the physics for the Williams tables, or are they in line with Zen’s current physics offerings?
    We have invested a lot of time and energy adjusting the physics simulation for the Williams tables, so they play true to form – it feels like real pinball. Early feedback suggests physics are spot on; however, we certainly welcome your own feedback as well. We think the ball moves and handles extremely accurately to the real thing, including accurate ball spin and “tricks” as well.

    Will this game be very simulation heavy, or will there be options to have something like in Zen, where you can have score numbers popping up, etc.?
    All Williams tables can be played with or without normal Pinball FX3 extras, such as score pops and in-game notification, allowing the table to be played in its purest form.

    Do you plan the same kind of tournaments and leagues as in Pinball FX3?

    All Pinball FX3 features are available for all Williams™ Pinball tables. This includes user-generated tournaments, multiplayer matchup and a brand-new tournament difficulty mode that is based on International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) rulesets. There will be no shortage of pinball competition in Pinball FX3!

    Will you have modes like 1 Ball- challenges and 5-minute challenges as well?
    Yes, each table has the FX3 feature set, all of these modes are included.

    Does Zen’s license include both the Williams and Bally collections?
    Zen has licensed the entire Williams collection, which also includes the Bally collection.

    What kind of lighting can we expect? Is lighting being based on incandescent lights, like they originally had, or modern LED lighting?
    The goal was to re-create as much of the original tables and their authentic pinball experience as possible, so we favored something very close to the behavior of their original incandescent light bulbs, as opposing to LED lighting.

    While the tables are run by their original ROM images, meaning no additional darkening to the tables, players might still find the lighting just a tiny bit more vibrant. This better reproduces the tables’ original radiance in those dark environments where we usually played them.
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    What about expensive licenses, like IJ, T2, ST:TNG, Dr Who, and TAF?

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    I think they may already have the rights to IJ (Disney/Lucasfilm, right?) I don’t know about the others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaphod77 View Post
    What about expensive licenses, like IJ, T2, ST:TNG, Dr Who, and TAF?
    Those are hard to come by but they are definitely the 'Holy Grail' of the library. We would love to make them, hopefully we will have the chance at one point.

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    Some additional FAQ's:

    Will the Williams tables have a negative impact on the release of future regular Zen tables?Will the output of new regular tables decrease, are the Williams tables supposed to take their place in the future?

    Is it a technical possibility to provide the new Williams physics for the regular Zen tables as an alternate option to the old physics?Is Zen considering this possibility?

    Will there be censorship for the Williams Pinball FX tables?For example will Medieval Madness be released with Family Mode Off?Will Family Mode in general be an option that is determined by the user?


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