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Thread: Praise for Williams Pinball Beta

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    Default Praise for Williams Pinball Beta

    Hey Zen,

    We’ll have a bunch of constructive criticism for ya. I thought it might be nice to lay a solid foundation of positive feedback. There are so many nice things to say about the beta! Lots of excitement in the community from my perspective.

    Ball Physics

    Our family has a bunch of real pins in the garage, but video pinball remains a daily passion. I’ve played every proprietary pinsim out there. Zaccaria and Barnstorm Games’ physics are certainly respectable. But you guys have done something really special in the ball physics department. The ball feels especially weighty, without overemphasized gravity or friction. Nailed it! Lots of non-linear trajectory and velocity. Beautiful arcs. A wise man (initials H.W.) once said, “The ball is wild.” You guys’ ball physics are remarkably wild for “in the box” pinball. Impressive! The ball spin algorithm alone is super refreshing after TPA.

    Saucers and Scoops

    I love the way the saucers feel genuinely recessed into the playfield. The ball swirls around realistically before settling in. Nice touch. The scoop hiding underneath the “casters club” house on a Fish Tales rejects the ball if you don’t hit it just right. That’s super! Digital pinsim scoops sometimes “grab” the ball. Your guys’ scoops seem to require a pretty accurate shot.

    Great Sound

    Glad you guys haven’t noticeably downsampled the ROM sounds. Original Williams ROM sounds were “crunchy” enough as they were, given the technology of the time! I really like both the quality of mechanical sounds and the quantity of mechanical sounds. They add so much realism.

    High Res Playfield

    Hard to believe that a playfield scan could be skimped on, but we’ve seen some low-res proprietary offerings in the past. Your Junk Yard playfield scan, for example, is gorgeous. Nice work!

    You guys have restored my enthusiasm for “for purchase” digital pinball simulation. Instant buy for me when it’s released. Thanks for soliciting feedback via beta. You guys genuinely seem to be in this for the love of the game at least as much as earning a livelihood. Well done!

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    Thank you for this detailed feedback thread and for the praise!

    On the physics side it's all Deep there, he's leading the innovation in ball and flipper physics!

    We are using the original sounds that the tables have been using, glad you like them!

    Our graphics team is top notch, we've got some real talent there who care about these properties. Glad you noticed the details!

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    Have to agree with all that. Don't know if I've mentioned it anywhere, but I feel the ball physics are pretty much as good as a video game can get!

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    I’m very psyched. I really love what I’m seeing so far for the same reasons Ben Logan has mentioned.

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    How often do you guys release beta updates? Do you announce them somewhere on the forum? Thanks.

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    Hey Ben Logan! It really depends on the release schedule, but we try to inform our users as soon as possible. This last Williams beta was announced in Steam. Have a great day!

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    Metal textures on Getaway look much better on latest beta. Nice.

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