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Thread: Animated Backglass for cabinet users

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    Default Animated Backglass for cabinet users

    First, I love the new animated backglass and fully rendered/3D tables! However, I really hope we can move the backglass to a 2nd/3rd monitor for cabinet users (and not just the static image that the current tables use that is pulled from the install folder).

    Obviously I'm not expected animated backglasses for all the previous Pinball FX3 tables (though that would be amazing!), but it would be great to have the option for new tables.

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    +1 for Cab Support as described by Moosebox

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    I don't have a cabinet. But I have plans to build one. I would absolutely love this feature. So much so that, in the meantime, I would use a second monitor so that I can play Pin Fx3 in portrait on my desktop and have the second monitor show the backglass.

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    The animated backglasses are a must-have for me too. Think how a cab would showcase off the game at Pinball Fairs

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