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Thread: List of All Pinball Machines by Williams

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    Default List of All Pinball Machines by Williams

    With the new Williams deal I wanted to see what tables we could expect to see. It took some searching but I think I’ve found a comprehensive list. And wow, there are a ton of games. The link I’ll post below is of the most recent tables, but at the top of the page are links to the games Williams made during two earlier period’s of the company when they operated under slightly different names.
    I’m not familiar enough with real world tables to say which ones I hope Zen remakes the most, but there are some names I recognize. I do wonder if the Williams license limits Zen to the tables that are Williams’ original IPs or if Zen can remake the tables Williams had to get the license from another company to make, like Adams Family, Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones etc. I did see a Star Wars table listed. I also wonder if remaking that one might already be covered by Zen having now both the Williams and the Star Wars licensing.
    Anyway, you probably came here for the list, right? Link is below.

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    Lots of that list are either arcade machines or arcade video cabinets. Also, Zen has the Bally license as well which produced many pinball tables not included on that list. Licensing is so fickle, wondering about what tables might appear in the future would never amount to anything more than speculation until Zen confirms it which tends to be, if the past is any indication about 2 weeks before release.
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    Default is a much better source. The first lists all Williams tables made from 1985-1999, while the second link lists all Bally tables from 1988-1999.

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