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Thread: Physics selection discussion

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    Default Physics selection discussion

    So as others have mentioned, the current setup for physics selection is kind of confusing. I'm super glad you guys are giving us the option to pick which physics we want though. You guys didn't have to go through the extra effort so I really appreciate that you did! Anyways, figured a thread devoted to feedback on this feature might be a good idea.

    With the current setup, I'm wondering how can I select which physics I want when playing a mode that isn't one of the single-player modes? How do I pick tournament on hotseat? How can I select arcade on challenge modes? Etc. I definitely feel like there could be a more streamlined way to select a physics setting. I noticed controller triggers aren't currently being used in the menu. Perhaps those could by used to cycle through the different physics settings? Just a thought.

    I've also noticed some people complaining about the names of the different physics settings. I agree that using "classic" to describe the realistic physics could be somewhat confusing. I feel like using "Zen," "Arcade," and "Tournament" would be good names for the different settings.

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    Just an idea but I was thinking instead of of having two options - Single Player and Single Player Classic (with 2 sub-modes Arcade & Tournament) why not just have 3 options named:

    Fantasy ----------- (old Zen physics)
    Simulation --------- (now called Arcade)
    Tournament -------- (or call it Tournament Sim)

    I think from the above names it is obvious what you are getting.

    This effectively gives 3 levels - Easy, Medium, Hard.
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    Thanks for starting this mystman12!

    We have read some of the feedback on the naming, discussing the possibilities on that.

    As of right now you are able to select Zen, Arcade and Tournament physics in the Tournament creation screen if you select a Williams table.

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