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    Bonjour ,
    Il serai interressant que vous proposiez des DMD en couleurs !!!

    Les DMD actuel ne sont pas tres beau....

    J'ai essayé avec plusieurs réglages... ils ne sony pas tres clair


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    Colored Dot Matrix Display is a flashy upgrade meant for old pinball machines. It offers only about 8 colors but is compatible. While it does make look old machines look slightly better, for virtual pinball tables it doesn't make much sense. Either you stick to the regular orange DMD for nostalgia's sake or you choose to throw it overboard completely and replace it with something MUCH prettier, in the same style as its table.
    Pinball fx3 already offers different colors, sizes, and screen position for the DMD, plus playfield score popups, so that's sufficiently covered. For cabinet users this might be interesting though as they might wanna use ONE CDMD for ALL their tables compared to upgrading many many for a real machine collection.

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    Color DMDs are pretty ugly in my opinion, I'm glad Zen have stuck to one color per game.

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