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Thread: Williams Pinball Beta - thank you everyone!

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    Default Williams Pinball Beta - thank you everyone!


    Dear Beta Testers!

    The day has come we have to conclude the Beta period on the Williams Pinball tables.

    We have stood in awe of the amount of feedback that came in on any of our channels. We have been able to use it and make the game better.

    Big shout out to the Pinball FX3 Steam community, the Zen Forums, our chatters on Discord, anyone who commented or had ideas to share on the Pinball FX3 Reddit, under our Youtube videos, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    We owe our gratitude to the admin team and the awesome people over at who’ve been working tirelessly over alpha and beta period to let our tables resemble the games you know and love.

    We have you to thank for relentlessly pursuing the ‘real feel’ with your suggestions. Here is some stuff that improved based on your feedback:

    - Overall ball movement
    - Overall physics
    - Flipper strength, and bounce
    - Nudging
    - Surface material adjustments
    - Dozens of minor tweaks implemented and issues fixed on all 4 tables.

    Thank you and see you on the leaderboards October 9!

    The Zen Studios team

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    Thank you, McLovin and team for being so open to suggestion, and so responsive to our feedback. Fun stuff. Looking forward to the release!

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    Awww. at least i was able to test the rollover detection somewhat.

    But with zen powerups it's possible to cross two billion boundaries at once. this may mess up the rollover detection.

    300 m superjackpot, doubled for multiball powerup to 600, and doubled AGAIN with score multiplier to 1.2 billion.

    PLEASE test this internally.

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    Here's a suggestion for a testing method.

    Implement a learning testing bot, with infinite rewind.

    make it test every possible shot from a cradle. have it pop the ball on the flipper after each shot. once the bot can make the shot five time in a row, things are good. If there is a shot that the bot just cannot make that should be possible, something is wrong.

    next test loops.

    for fish tales, the following tests need to be done.

    left boat ramp to: captive ball, right boat ramp, caster's club, extra ball, long cast, and right fish bank.
    right boat ramp to: captive ball, left boat ramp, monster fish, and left fish bank.

    the bot can read the incoming spin and velocity of the ball, and thus distinguish different speeds so it can adjust to flip correctly for all of them.

    in particular, the bot should be able to do monster fish all day.

    if not even the bot can't consistently make the shots, then something is wrong.

    finally one time shots off of the plunge and left orbit. the bot should be able to hit fast cast all day, and to hit long cast 5 times in a row.

    note that this bot has superhuman reflexes, and can gague stuff humans can't. so just because the bot can pwn the table doesn't mean a human can.

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    Yay! Thank you for listening for feedback, Zen team! Now just can’t wait for october 9!

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    Thanks for opening it up to us. Look forward to the release. PS. Cameras!

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