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Thread: Issue with score saving and multiplayer glitch in Junkyard

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    Default Issue with score saving and multiplayer glitch in Junkyard

    I finished a round of standard singleplayer Junkyard, and it appears that I hit a button too quickly and got a four player game going before the score tally screen appeared. Unfortunately, it was my best score and didn't appear to save. Also I got a four player match going while in single player? I've attached a few screens.

    Shows the four player game going:

    Pause screen of this game shows:
    a. The fact that it's a single player game
    b. The current score I'm now "shooting" for, which was my actual high score.

    Shows the missing score from the leaderboard:

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    Haha, wut?! The Williams tables were being releases on the 9th.

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    Playing a review copy. If this shouldn't be posted in the beta forum, feel free to delete.

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    Thank you for reporting, we also bumped into this and already fixed. It will be applied to the table when it gets released.

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